WHY I Built An A-Frame Blog!

Since I was a kid I always wanted to have a cabin. I thought it was so amazing. The idea that you could have a getaway from the city. Then I remember seeing an A-Frame Cabin one day and thinking “That is such a weird house! and so Amazing at the same time!” I didn’t think much of it. Years later when I made my first Vision Board I added a photo of an A-Frame. I totally forgot about it. Fast forward another 10 years, looking back at my vision board, I realized that it had come true.

Last year my girlfriend and I purchased our first home: an A-Frame in Southern California (Pictured Below). We are still in the process of renovating but ever since we made the purchase I’ve been participating more and more in the A-Frame community. The more I get to know the A-Frame community the more passionate I become about it. Everyone is so kind! Everyone lends a helping hand. Whether it be cheering on another “A” in renovations, bonding over A-Frame living struggles, hating on A-Frames with flat tops (haha), or sharing resources to help other A-Frames get back to their former beauty. Whatever it is, the A-Frame community is a very positive one that I truly enjoy being a part of. I hope to help this community grow by connecting the A-Framers with other A-Frame enthusiasts.
I run a few different instagram accounts, as well as a facebook accounts, that all have to do with A-Frames.

INSTAGRAM: @stayaframe @aframeaddicts
FACEBOOK: A-Frame Rentals A-Frame Addicts

We will be sharing stories, answering questions, providing useful information, promoting A-Frame Rentals. If you have an A-Frame, rent an A-Frame, want to purchase an A-Frame, enjoy taking photos of A-Frames, have built an A-Frame, and want to be featured in our blog as a guest post, please let us know! We would be happy to collaborate! Our email is below.

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Stay A-Frame


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