The Catskills A-Frame

It all started in October 2018 – my love affair with A-frame cabins, that is. Annual fall road trips with my doggo had become tradition. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, was something both myself and my fur babe truly valued. As a working breed, (Cane Corso), she made it her job to always protect her people. so, removing her from densely populated areas allowed her to just shut off and thrive in all of the natural surroundings. That year, I decided to take her from our home town of London, ON to Acadia National Park, Maine for some much-loved hiking adventures. It was peak foliage from Quebec all the way to the east coast – quite the picturesque drive! When we reached the border of Vermont, I started to notice an abundance of the most charming, 60’s built A-frames. They just continued all along the trip through to Bar Harbor. I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor for most of the drive, (except when I was chomping on my favourite Maine doughnuts)!

As time went on, I started to see more and more A-frame accounts pop up on Instagram. In January 2019, I saw a post of a woman walking beside her dog toward a beautiful A-frame in the woods of California. I said to myself, THIS is my vision board. In one year, this will become my reality. At that moment, I made it a part time job to research these cabins, real estate, locations, and I didn’t quit until I found the perfect one. And then I did!…and named it “ The Catskill A-Frame”. A fully restored mid- century modern moody A-frame nestled in the Catskill Mountains. It is off the grid, lake- view, backs onto a stream and forest. It is everything I dreamed of and more. In January 2020, I took possession of the cabin and brought my dog, Gotti along to see her new home! She just loved it. It’s thanks to her that this came to be. She inspired me to get out of the city, explore the natural world, new places, and to be able to give her a place she could just shut off and be a happy pup, was the most rewarding part of it all.

Unfortunately, three weeks later, we found out that my beloved Gotti was battling severe osteosarcoma that didn’t allow her much more time with us. I managed to bring her to the cabin one more time to enjoy a final weekend in her happy place. It was a bitter- sweet time, but to be able to have her by my side for this milestone, was the greatest gift I could have ever hoped for.

This A-frame is filled with so much love and meaning. I’m looking forward to hosting guests in the near future. I’m just working on some final touches before we launch on Airbnb. Stay tuned on Instagram for updates – our handle is @catskillaframe


Sonya Masek

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