Munds Park A-Frame Rental

A-Frame Rental in Munds Park, Arizona

Many people think of Arizona as a hot, hot desert—and Phoenix in July is just that. But northern Arizona has mountains and forests and cool weather, even in the summer. And while Phoenix has its beautiful winter temperatures, it’s only a couple of hours north to the snow. A few years ago, my husband Nate and I decided to have our own refuge from the heat of the summer, as well as a place where Nate can spend a few hours snowboarding.So, we looked toward Flagstaff, but Flagstaff is more ‘big city,’ and we wanted a cabin in a forest. I recalled fond memories of visiting Munds Park as a kid, and it’s only 25 minutes south of Flagstaff. We would have our forest refuge and still be close enough to Flagstaff for great restaurants and shopping.Once we decided on the location, we needed to decide on what kind of home. We wanted something unique and were drawn to this A-frame cabin.

For a year we enjoyed every weekend we could get away from the Valley. Grilling under strings of lights on the deck; Nate snowboarding, then coming home to a crackling fire; our girls hanging out in the loft with their friends; and fun events in Flagstaff, such as art fairs.Unfortunately, we were not able to get away as often as we expected.We decided to post our cabin on Airbnb when we were unable to use it, which helps offset the cost of the mortgage. Honestly, though, we expected we would, maybe, get one or two bookings a month, and that would have been great. Instead, it quickly started booking like crazy.

People do want to stay in a unique, yet cozy cabin when they visit Northern Arizona.We are in the perfect location between the Grand Canyon (one of the seven wonders of the world) and the red rocks of Sedona. We have guests from all over the world, the USA, and even some regular Arizona locals, too.I knew we would enjoy having our A-frame in Munds Park. What I didn’t expect is how much I enjoy being an Airbnb host for so many interesting people.
– Meredith Allen

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