Moody Cabin Girl’s 5 Must Haves for Every A-frame

By Gina Valente

I am a self proclaimed cabin addict. I spend my free time scrolling through Airbnb feeds searching for cabins to rent, I have an Instagram page entirely devoted to the dwellings, and I work a side hustle writing articles for an online cabin magazine. In all my exploration, an a-frame will stop me in my tracks every time. They are by far my favorite type of home. I hope to have my own triangle shaped house someday, and in the back of my mind I keep a checklist of the things I deem necessary for these special structures. So let’s get into it – what makes the quintessential a-frame?

  1. An Open Floor Plan These structures were made to show off that unique vaulted ceiling. It breaks my heart every time I see someone completely close off the first floor. Why bother with the a-frame shape if you are not going to showcase what makes it unique? The living room area is meant to be open and airy. I believe that openness is part of the allure of the building; with few rooms and little privacy, families are naturally drawn to the first floor living room space where they can spend time together as a group. It’s one of the reasons a-frames make excellent vacation homes.

2. A Lofted Bedroom An open floor plan does not mean you can’t add a second floor bedroom to the building, in fact I suggest it. My favorite a-frames have a big open room in front and a loft with bedrooms in back. This format allows for a sleeping space near the triangle ceiling. Something about sleeping in a room with slanted walls makes you feel cozy and safe. It’s also a prime spot to hang string lights,a common decoration for these cabins.

3. A Spectacular Location The simplistic form of an a-frame seems to make it at one with nature. It fits in perfectly with a wooded setting, and this brings me to requirement #3. I believe these buildings belong in the forest, and better yet, in the forest and on a lakefront. Don’t get me wrong, I love them in cities as well, but if I get to build my ideal cabin someday, it will be an a-frame in a location that meets these two qualifications.

4. A Triangular Window Wall No a-frame is complete in my mind without a floor to ceiling wall of windows. Worried about privacy? I say throw it to the wind! If you’ve taken my advice on location, you are going to want plenty of window space to admire your beautiful

surroundings. Plus, can you imagine the natural light pouring into that big open

living room we talked about earlier? It’s intoxicating.

5. An Out of this World Patio

I love the simplicity of these buildings, but cannot deny the space constraints. For this reason I feel it’s of vital importance that the a-frame has a phenomenal outdoor patio. A place where its inhabitants can get outside and enjoy nature and fresh air. My favorite patios include spaces draped in string lights, a fire pit surrounded with patio chairs, and of course, the iconic hot tub.The idea is to create an outdoor space that promotes enjoying the outdoors and spending time with loved ones.

That’s it. That’s my list of the five requirements for an a-frame. If you can check off each of these items, you are bound to have a cabin that will bring joy and beauty to your life for years to come.

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