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Growing up, family gatherings were hosted at my uncle’s house. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (about 25 people in all) would arrive each Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even a summer picnic or two. The house was a beautiful A-frame nestled in the farmlands of Maryland. Adjacent to a cornfield, my uncle made this home for his family a haven from the outside world. As a kid, this house was like a wonderland. The basement boasted a movie projector, pinball machine, pool table, and endless board games. We loved visiting during the summer to swim in the large inflatable pool and see who could bounce highest on the trampoline. But even more than all the fun childhood games, some of my fondest memories took place on the main level of the house.

For these family gatherings, we would sit at a long table in the main living room so everyone could eat together. Under the peaked ceiling, we would share our Thanksgiving turkey and shout over one another as we all talked at once. Even as a young kid, I knew these meals were special. Fast forward a few decades and my husband and I were house-hunting in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the process of moving for my husband’s job, we were trying to learn the area and only casually touring houses with a realtor. Due to the influx of people moving to Charlotte, there has been a high demand in single-family homes causing new suburban developments to spread like wildfire. We knew we weren’t interested in a new build, but finding a house that checked our boxes and still had that unique ‘charm’ was proving tough to find.

A few lucky Zillow searches later, I stumbled upon our home. A 1970’s lakehouse that was recently updated about 20 minutes outside Charlotte. The best part? It’s an A-frame, of course! We immediately reached out to our realtor and arranged to see it the next day. I was absolutely in love, however, we hadn’t fully relocated yet and were still a few months out from being able to put an offer in. There was an open house scheduled for that weekend, and I thought for sure it would be snatched up in the hot real estate market. But a few months later, our A-frame was still on the market and we went ahead with the paperwork. We moved in January of 2019 and have been calling it home ever since. While we weren’t necessarily searching for an A-frame, the memories of my uncle’s home (which my husband was able to visit a few times before they moved elsewhere) made our house feel familiar the first time we saw it. In a suburb of hundreds of cookie-cutter new builds, our home is definitely one of a kind. I have yet to find another A-frame in Charlotte, although I’m sure they are out there.

Our A-frame definitely has it’s quirks. There is hardly any storage in the kitchen and our angled walls make arranging furniture a fun challenge at times! But everyone who has been to our home says it perfectly reflects who we are, and what more could you ask for? We recently became parents to a baby girl, effectively turning the A-frame into a family home. I look forward to hosting large family gatherings at our table under the peaked ceiling and, hopefully, creating some new and beautiful memories that our daughter will always cherish. Lindsey Chase Instagram- @chaseaframe

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