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Boho A-Frame Cabin


When I was a kid we had a vacation home in the snow that was strikingly similar to an A-frame with an abrupt pitch to the roof you had to ensure you watched your head around. I had fond memories of us all laughing at my dad for always hitting his head when we climbed into the loft every night. Those fond memories of that cabin we had growing up made the idea of having our own cabin more appealing. I wanted it to be a space other families could come to just as we had gone to our own vacation cabin growing up. My husband, Wyatt and I chose to buy our A-frame as newlyweds because a cabin like that has character you just can’t get elsewhere! It’s on a beautiful property surrounded by an acre of eucalyptus trees. If you stand in the right spot on the porch, you can look between the trees and actually see the ocean and Morro Rock, a popular tourist attraction in our area.


Loft Bedroom

Our A-frame was built in the 50’s as a family vacation home. That family made their vacation home property a place of permanent residence. They built another home on the property and rented the A-frame to their son’s nanny. The dad who was an architecture professor in our area designed the entire place himself. I believe he also built part of it with his kids. Once he and his wife passed away their sons inherited the property. Unfortunately, they lacked interest in maintaining their family home. So, when we bought the A-frame it was in real shabby conditions and a state of disrepair. We wanted to get it back to a functional state for others to enjoy!

So, when we bought the A-Frame, we dreamed of remodeling it and rehabbing it into a fun space where people from all over the world could come and enjoy a unique stay in our little beach town. With the help of family and friends, we remodeled the entire A-Frame with the dream that it would be a vacation home.


Couch in Living Room

Wyatt and I have done a lot of traveling. We have always thoroughly enjoyed Airbnb’s and wanted to host one others could enjoy just as we have so many times. We love supporting locals in the communities we travel to. It creates a great opportunity to meet people and learn/grow from those interactions. So, we chose to host the A-Frame as an Airbnb. We decorated the cabin with a bohemian style inspired by our travels to other places in the world and of course, Pinterest. We wanted a vibe that was true to our somewhat hippie little beach town but also preserved the integrity of the cabin. So, we designed and remodeled the A-Frame to be light and beachy with some bohemian interior. We conserved the pine wood vaulted ceilings, and for atmosphere, we installed a new gas fireplace. We hope you’ll come sit on the porch of the A-Frame among the trees to relax, plan, dream, and explore! We like to say, our place is great for those who seek a cabin experience by the sea.

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Living Room

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