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Moody Cabin Girl’s 5 Must Haves for Every A-frame

By Gina Valente I am a self proclaimed cabin addict. I spend my free time scrolling through Airbnb feeds searching for cabins to rent, I have an Instagram page entirely devoted to the dwellings, and I work a side hustle writing articles for an online cabin magazine. In all my exploration, an a-frame will stop […]

A-Frame Beach House

When my wife and I first stumbled across the A-Frame on the bay, on the south shore of Long Island, we weren’t really supposed to be buying a house yet, it was meant to be just ‘research’! But catching a glimpse of the distinctive peaked roof, backed by a glittering sea, we were intrigued, and […]

The Love of an A-Frame

In the early 1970’s a tall, humorous Navy man named Tom and his adoring wife Barb, embarked on a new adventure. Barb was a nurse and the couple shared five boys. Their home base was Victoria, British Columbia, but they happened upon a quiet, secluded acreage located in Qualicum beach bc. The property was just […]

A-Frame of Mind

Believe it or not, it all started with a vision board! In the bottom corner of my 2019 poster board is a magazine cutout of a window faced A-frame, in what looks to be the Californian back country. A patio set on a large deck surrounded by trees paints’ the image of pure relaxation. And […]

Chase A-Frame

Growing up, family gatherings were hosted at my uncle’s house. My grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins (about 25 people in all) would arrive each Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even a summer picnic or two. The house was a beautiful A-frame nestled in the farmlands of Maryland. Adjacent to a cornfield, my uncle made this home […]

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