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Believe it or not, it all started with a vision board! In the bottom corner of my 2019 poster board is a magazine cutout of a window faced A-frame, in what looks to be the Californian back country. A patio set on a large deck surrounded by trees paints’ the image of pure relaxation. And close by, the words glued to the board say “Yoga + Wellness Retreats”. I have always been fond of A-frames. In my eyes they represent a vacation, or a sort of getaway! A-frames have always ‘peaked’ my curiosity (pun intended) and the design possibilities for them are endless. My parents did a lot of renovations when I was younger, and my current partner is a real estate investor, so we do not shy away from taking on a fixer upper. We welcome the challenge and when we find something that just feels right, it’s a no brainer!

Over the years, we have visited our friends every summer at the Lake of the Ozarks, in Missouri. We love to go out there and have often dreamt of having a place of our own nearby. Last summer, we had planned a trip to the lake, so out of usual routine I searched for properties for sale nearby. Voila, a beautiful little 1980’s A-frame that had been on the market for 100+ days and that happened to be just a few roads down from our friends’ place! The house had three other people looking at it that weekend, which seemed unusual since it had been sitting for so long (how does that happen?!), to make a long story short, our offer was denied.

I was feeling pretty upset about our missed opportunity, but I was not ready to quit looking for a place to call our own just yet. We returned home with more eagerness (and maybe a little obsession) to find a place at the lake. By chance, I happened to do a quick search in the following weeks and found an A-frame in the same subdivision (what!!) that went up for sale by owner that week. Score! I called him and we arranged a visit. There are multiple A-frames in this community (it is an A-framer’s dream), that were all built in the 1980’s. The developer built out the exteriors and the interiors were left unfinished for the owner to complete. We lucked out because the one we ended up buying for sale by owner had a decent floor plan and better use of space than the previous one. There was a lot of updating to do, but the place was in relatively good shape! Outside of this real estate venture, I teach yoga several times a week and have a small business that promotes collective mindfulness in Kansas City, called Breathe KC. My dream was to somehow incorporate these other passions with the cabin. I wanted this A-frame to be a place where people in my network could go to feel at ease; a place for everyone, including other teachers and healers, to find balance. Something I really enjoy is creating an ambiance and intentionally setting up a space for a desired feeling. I wanted to provide a place where people could go to relax, rest and rejuvenate. As I currently work towards a more sustainable lifestyle, it was important to bring these practices to the cabin as well. I want to support other local companies while providing eco-friendly solutions for people to use during their stay. Part of the plan is to offer yoga mats for guests to use and to curate optional experiences to make resting and rejuvenating easy. We went with a Scandinavian design for the place, with light wood floors, white walls and earthy elements. I want it to feel like a getaway, with spa like elements and features to make your stay feel special. It will be furnished with clean and simple items, plenty of books to peruse and a vintage mid-century modern fireplace to cozy up by on the deck (also got as a steal of a deal!). We are almost done with renovations and so excited to have it available for mindful retreating soon!

The last thing we needed was a name….and there were so many to choose from. We went back and forth on a few, but the one that stuck was A-frame of Mind. It melds perfectly with my other businesses and is a true depiction of how I hope this place can help others get back into the right mindset. We live in a very masculine energy dominated society, which is what fuels us to always be on the go, striving for more. Similar to the current situation in the world, we almost need to be forced to settle in, and just be. Our hope with A-frame of Mind is to make it easy, to just be, so that you can go back to your day-to-day feeling recharged, and reset. We would love to provide a mindful experience for you one day! Follow us @aframeofmindozarks and @breathekc for updates on the cabin and curated stays.

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Kayla Mason

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